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Custom Print Barcoded Keytags for Gyms, Spas and Health Clubs

Printed Plastic Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Cards

Custom Printed Plastic Keytags

Get plastic keytags printed for your gym, health club or venue. We can print your logo graphics on the front, with barcode and text on the reverse.

Printed on durable PVC with a hole for keyring, we can make as little as 150 keytags for you.

If you’re looking to make an impression with your keytags, print in matte finish or with metallic foil accents for a small extra fee.

For extra durability, we can make keytags with metal eyelets (like the “Felda Spa” tags to right). If you want an almost indestructible keytag, we can print them on steel or epoxy resin for an extra fee.

Create and Order Your Custom Printed Key Tags Today

Send us Logo, Text & Barcode

Email your logo file, text for front and back and any other design information. We’ll also need to know the barcode range you require on your keytags.


We’ll make a proof and email it back to you for your approval.


Once you’re happy, make the order with us online via the payment link provided.


Once everything is set, we’ll get printing your keytags as fast as possible and deliver via UPS.

Keytag Options

Keytags with Eyelets

Keytags can be strengthened by adding a metal eyelet to the punched hole. This does not make them indescructible but prolongs their lifespan.

Teslin Material

Print keytags on flexible Teslin material to ensure a longer life. Most supermarket keytags are printed on this material.


Use QR codes to communicate more data than a standard barcode, or add embedded RFID modules for contactless functionality.

Multi / Combo Options

Make a card & keytag combination unit. Ideal for a gift card + loyalty keytag promotion.

Get a free sample keytag set with your details

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