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Printed Custom Photo ID Cards for Your Organisation or Business

Photo ID Card Bureau Service

ID Card Printing Service

Need photo ID for your staff or company?

Whether you need ID cards for your staff, visitors or for compliance to rules, it’s easy to print custom colour high definition cards with Identity.

Use our simple online system to create ID cards delivered to you by post.

You can use one of our template designs, or provide one of your own.

The ID cards we make are high-definition, glossy plastic cards the same thickness, shape and size as a bank or credit card.

We make ID cards for thousands of companies and organisations across Ireland. Charities, contractors, security companies, government agencies and more.

Our simple online designer allows you to customise a card with company colour and logo. Looking for something more customised? Simply contact us and we will set up a special template for your requirements.

If you’re printing a lot of cards, all the time, have a look at plastic card printers which allow you to make cards in house.

How you can get custom ID cards printed easily

Choose your card type

We offer standard template cards with a range of options.

Collect Photos & Details

Collect your staff photos and details in Excel or in a list. You can use a smartphone to take pics.

Design Online

Use our online design tool to customise your card template.


Review each card and and make sure details are correct.
Add holders and lanyards if you need them.

Printed Cards!

We print your cards using high definition specialist ID card printers and post them to you.

If you want to reprint or do more cards later, just log back in and all your saved cards will be there.

What we offer

Quick Turnaround

Our automated ID making system means a faster delivery time for your cards.

We make cards quickly and to a high definition standard quality.

Template or Custom Designs

Pick from our template designs or provide your own.

If you’ve a specific design requirement, get in touch and we can help.

Simple Online Ordering

Once you have your details and cardholder photos, it’s easy.

Our online system makes ordering 1 or 100 ID cards as easy as ordering a pizza.

Top Quality Cards

We’ve printed loads of cards for thousands of companies.

We look after charities, schools, colleges and many other organisations for their ID card needs.

We make cards to suit any need you have

Caregiver ID Card

Membership ID Card

PSA Compliant Card

Student ID Card

ID Card with holder & clip

Visitor card with lanyard

Custom design Staff ID

Contractor ID Card

Visitor Pass Cards

Environmental Services ID Card

Accessorise your ID cards with Identity

Printed or Plain Lanyards

Hold your ID cards for easy display

We provide plain, pre-printed (VISITOR, STAFF etc) and fully customised lanyards.

Clips and Reels

Retractable Reels and Pin Clips

We’ve numerous options to display and hold ID cards.

Badge & Card Holders

Recycled and Biodegradable Options Available

Hundreds of different types, colours, shapes and sizes of holders in stock.

Contact Us about ID Cards

Photo ID Card Printing Enquiry

Photo ID Card Printing Enquiry

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